Blouberg Lifesaving Club was born in 1982 when founding members George and Alan Zondagh, John Morkel and Harold Larsen convinced the Blaauwberg Municipality to offer them the use of a small boatshed at Big Bay beach. The need for a lifesaving club at this beach arose out of its popularity as an international standard windsurfing beach. As the club grew, these founding members mortgaged their own houses to pay for the characteristic double story clubhouse many Big Bay locals hold dear to their hearts and in fact, these stalwarts paid the bond on this clubhouse for almost 2 years before the municipality took over ownership and leased the clubhouse to the lifesaving club. In 1988 the financial backing of the resident windsurfers teamed up with the lifeguards to form the Blouberg Beach Club of which the lifeguards were statutory members. However, in 1994 the growth of the lifesaving division was instrumental in the move to once again give total control of the club to the lifeguards and Blouberg Surf Lifesaving Club was renewed!
In subsequent years the old clubhouse was added onto, altered, repaired and renovated continuously until rumours of the impending Big Bay development started circulating. After many years of uncertainty, mixed emotions and political scandals the Big Bay development project was given the go-ahead and Jonga Entabeni were awarded the project contract. Little did they know what they were getting into, and after intense negotiations with ex-chairman Willie Jansen they built us a wonderful new clubhouse to replace the one we would lose through the development. In the spirit of change, it was agreed to change our name and logo to more closely associate us with our home beach and the modern development. Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club was officially registered in 2006 and its current clubhouse opened by Cllr. Ian Neilson on 26th May 2007. We consider this facility one of the best clubhouses in the country and perfectly-suited to house the lifeguards that proudly patrol Big Bay beach!


3 Responses to Home

  1. bigbaysurf says:

    Hi Nicky
    site is active – have forwarded your comment to BBSLC captain for action
    thanks for your concern – appreciated

  2. How active is this sight? Is there someone who I can contact regarding the vagrants sleeping on the premises at night.. urinating and messing there… and drinking alcohol on the ‘roof’ top part?

  3. Deon Braun says:

    Wow. Classy summary of the history of a great club founded by committed people. Keep up the sterling work.

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